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Right Direction Financial

Are you getting closer to retirement and not sure if you have enough money, or want to figure out the best plan for retirement income?  You’ve come to the right place.  We do retirement planning all day long.  We look at your finances and see if you are on track to your goals and we help with the plans so that financially you will be in good shape during the next phase of your life.


At Right Direction Financial we are focused on helping our clients get to a comfortable retirement while enjoying living today.


If you have wondered how you would spend your time, here is a report that shows how Canadians are planning as well as how those retired are spending their days.


Fidelity Retirement 2020 Report


Like you, we are enjoying that things are opening up, but we are still making sure that we keep ourselves and our families safe as well as our clients.  We are starting to meet in person but still can do our planning and meetings virtually if that makes you more comfortable.


We are here to help

As your CFP®, Right Direction Financial offers a Comprehensive Financial Plan. They evaluate and enhance your investment performance offer Independent advice and highest quality financial products and services. Careful monitoring and protection through CIPF and CDIC ensure a total committment to integrity and customer service.

“Over the past fourteen years, Laura has provided loyal, professional, and knowledgeable guidance with our investments.  Laura has integrity, excellent communication skills and has always been very responsive. We appreciate her advice and diligence in seeking the best investment options for us as we transition into retirement.  It has been a pleasure doing business with a financial planner like Laura who you can trust.”

~ Ruth W.

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