This past weekend we finished the annual Terry Fox Run in Victoria. Okay the adults walked and the kids ran, but you get the idea. The Chanin’s have participated every year since the very first Terry Fox Run. In 1981, the first one my mom and I rode bikes, and then my dad joined in year 2 and he hasn’t stopped since and he is now 85 years old.

As a family it is important to all of us. I remember when Terry Fox died. We were all in the car going somewhere, 4 kids, 2 parents and our dog and we cried listening to the announcement on the radio. I have always been inspired by Terry and what he did. And as I get older, I realized how amazing he was and at such a young age. What amazing determination. And the mark he made on the world is truly remarkable.

And I also think about cancer. In the beginning years of doing the Terry Fox run, it was more about honoring Terry and what he was doing. Of course, I knew people who knew people who had cancer but no one close to me. And as I get older, unfortunately that has changed. I am a 5 year breast cancer survivor and proud of that! As the girl’s elementary school teacher likes to say ‘I kicked cancer’s butt’. But the truth is that I feel lucky and healthy and know there are no guarantees in life. Around us now cancer has hit much, much closer to home. We have family members and close friends and clients dealing with cancer. This week I went with a friend who found out she stage 4 breast cancer at age 43. It is in her brain, liver and bones. And she is a single mom. She is a strong and will put up a good fight. So I thought a lot about her and others on the walk. And plan to continue doing the Terry Fox Run for as long as I can.