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A new and exciting life insurance product from Manulife has you taking control of your life and living a healthier lifestyle.  How it works is you become a member and are rewarded with ‘Vitality points’ for exercising, eating healthy and even reading health articles online.  The more points a member earns the higher their Vitality status and the greater their potential rewards and discounts. 

Membership includes:

Learn your Vitality age: This is an online tool that helps determine your Vitality age. With a few simple questions about your health it only takes a minute or two to find out where you are at with your Vitality age compared to your actual age.  The healthier you are the lower it may be.  Your Vitality age can be improved over time through healthy living.

Earn Vitality Points: By being active, getting a health screening and exercising regularly everyday habits like these will earn members Vitality points.  Members are able to watch your points grow by recording their activities using simple online tools.

Track healthy living:  Members can claim and connect their free Garmin, or connect to their existing wearable device.  The Manulife Vitality mobile app makes it easy for members to track activities. An apple watch can be purchased for a special discount as well.

Vitality Status: Your Vitality points can add up and earn you Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum status. Your status is used to determine a member’s eligibility for rewards and their annual cost of insurance.

Rewards: Healthy living is rewarded.  The more points you earn, the higher your status and the greater your potential rewards and discounts including a chance to win Vitality Points™ or Gift Cards when you reach your Vitality Active Rewards™ weekly target.

Live Healthier:  By becoming a member and making a move to healthier lifestyle you may experience increased energy, more productivity and a healthier weight. And in return a reduction in life insurance costs.  A win-win! 

1.  Get an Apple Watch

Order Apple Watch online for an initial payment plus any applicable taxes and upgrade fees for case and band selections. See the Manulife Vitality website for details.

2.   Get Active

Track your monthly activity using Apple Watch* and the Manulife Vitality program mobile app to measure your activity and earn Vitality Points.

3.   Get Rewarded

The more points you earn monthly, the less you’ll pay! You can pay as little as $0 each month when you reach your Vitality physical activity targets through Standard or Advanced Workouts.
Getting active pays off!
Your monthly payment depends on how many Vitality Points you earn each month, over a 24-month period.
Earn 500 points in one month and the cost is $0!

Plan features

  • Your beneficiaries receive a tax-free, lump-sum benefit after your death
  • Choose $500,000 to 20 million in coverage
  • Stay protected for a term of 10 or 20 years (renewable to age 80) or to age 65 or 100.

Optional add-ons:

  • Get protection in case of serious injuries or accidental death
  • Have flexibility–premium payments could be waived if you become disabled
  • Guarantee your future eligibility for life insurance

Help protect your children and position them to get their own life insurance and critical illness insurance in the future
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