More than a dozen years ago, when I was in my early 40’s, life was good.  We had a young child and we were trying for a second child. I worked full time as did my husband.  Then everything changed overnight.

My intelligent, healthy, active husband had a stroke at age 43.  He survived, but he was no longer able to work, so we lost ½ our income and the plans for a second child immediately fell by the wayside.  We had tremendous help from family and friends for which we are very grateful.  It was very difficult especially at first.  But we managed to survive and even thrive financially.  Here are the things that helped keep us on a successful financial path:

  1. Early in our relationship, we worked extra jobs to save for the future and for any unknown life events. Life happens, with no notice and when you least expect it.
  2. We purposefully used promotions, coupons and marketing opportunities to our advantage.
  3. We used a budget. When we could not afford to entertain outside of the home, we welcomed our friends and family into our home.
  4. We lived within our means. We only used credit cards for convenience and paid off those balances on a monthly basis.
  5. We actively sought ways to improve our personal financial position and become secure with a financial fall back position and increase our net worth year over year.

Financial Freedom, which is something we all hope to achieve , doesn’t have to be millions of dollars, but the comfort of knowing that you have control and options with your finances. This is where I have excelled. Having a good plan, making achievable goals, and being flexible to change.

A good plan lets you adapt as life brings you new challenges.  Goals can make the difference between success and failure.  You might have heard this before:  People do not plan to fail – they fail to plan!

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